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17/08/02   "Mickelberg gamble pays off for author - His supporters say his behaviour in front of the police royal commission that led him to the brink of a jail sentence has succeeded in getting the Mickelberg case sent to the Supreme Court...After Mr Lovell walked out of the commission, Mr McGinty changed his mind & signed the order referring the Mickelberg case to the Court of Criminal Appeal...Mr Lovell says he also had a genuine belief that his summons to appear before the commission was not valid because it referred to events in 1982. The commission's terms of reference appear to restrict it to investigating matters from 1985 onwards. He now admits he was wrong in his belief, & that his 1200 court appearances on his own behalf might have given him some misplaced confidence about his abilities as a 'bush' lawyer" Subiaco Post
16/08/02   Avon was quoted as saying he had achieved his goal to get the Mickelberg case to the court of criminal appeal, "I just want to get on with my business, my work and get my life back" - The Australian Newspaper.
15/08/02   Sentencing! Judges fine Lovell $30,000 for 3 contempt of court convictions.
15/08/02   "Mint witness back - An application to expedite the evidence of former detective Tony Lewandowski, who admitted framing the Mickelberg brothers over the 1982 Perth Mint Swindle, will be heard by a Perth court tomorrow. Mr Lewandowski is believed to have returned to Perth from Thailand at the weekend." The Australian
12/08/02 Avon's book 'The Mickelberg Stitch' finally enjoys a public launch at Dymocks, Perth City Store
06/08/02   "Lovell faces jail sentence - Convicted author says he wants to help commission 'get the bastards'. Author Avon Lovell faces a possible jail term after being found in contempt of the police royal commission. Lovell...was convicted in the State Full Court yesterday on three counts of contempt." The West Australian
25/07/02   "I will be first person jailed: Lovell - Mr Lovell said he had provided evidence of major police corruption yet he was the first person most likely to be jailed in relation to the royal commission. He had wanted his case heard by a single judge so that he could appeal against an unfavourable decision to the Full Court. As it stands the Full Court will hear the contempt case...In the Full Court yesterday Mr Kevin Penkin said it would be submitted that there had been no contempt because the summons was beyond the power of the royal commission." The West Australian
24/07/02   "Brothers get day in sun - Attorney-General Jim McGinty sent the Perth Mint swindle case back to the Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday, saying it was time Ray & Peter Mickelberg had their day in court." The West Australian
19/07/02   "Lovell bailed on contempt - The original arrest warrant alleged Lovell committed three contempts: failing to answer a summons to appear on Monday, refusing to give evidence when he did attend on Wednesday & leaving without being released. Lovell replied that he had not committed contempt. He had made submissions that the commission did not have authority to ask him questions as he was not a police officer & his evidence did not fall within the term of reference." The West Australian
17/07/02   "I'll face inquiry as a courtesy: Lovell - Mickelberg advocate Avon Lovell, who defied a subpoena to go before the royal commission into police corruption on Monday, intends to appear before today's hearing out of courtesy. He said yesterday he wished to know what it wanted from him in relation to the confession he got from self-confessed corrupt former detective Tony Lewandowski." The West Australian
16/07/02   "New moves to get witness home - Negotiations to bring Tony Lewandowski back from Thailand to Perth were taking place behind the scenes, author Avon Lovell said yesterday...he railed against Attorney General Jim McGinty's handling of the affair. He denounced the possibility of his imprisonment for failing to attend the inquiry as 'stupid' pointing out the paradox of jailing him when he had exposed police corruption." The West Australian
15/07/02   "Mickelberg author defiant - The police royal commission resumes today with the threat of imprisonment hanging over author Avon Lovell" The West Australian
13/07/02   "Confession in the spotlight - Author Avon Lovell...said he had been subpoenaed to the inquiry (royal commission) but would boycott it because it was an inappropriate forum for the case. He said he got a sworn & signed confession from Mr Lewandowski to support a petition to refer brothers Ray & Peter Mickelberg's conviction to the Court of Criminal Appeal. Instead, the case was going to the Royal Commission which did not have the power to overturn the brothers' conviction.", "I have told the commission I'm not going to attend,' Lovell said" The West Australian
13/07/02   "Hopes rest on bent cops - Top detective's death may break wall of silence", Mickelbergs will apply today to have their case heard again by the court of criminal appeal. The West Australian
23/06/02   "Stitch has become a smokescreen...A week has passed since The Sunday Times asked Attorney-General Jim McGinty a list of questions about the handling of the confidential new evidence in the Mickelberg case. The newspaper has not even received a telephone call in response. This from a state government which has declared itself open & accountable in dealing with the sensitive issue." Editorial The Sunday Times
15/06/02   "This time, the stitch is by Lovell...when former detective Tony Lewandowski decided to become our most famous dobber last week, it was his old enemy Avon Lovell who stitched up the deal...he gave no hint of the months of work & negotiations it took for Mr Lewandowski to steel himself for the flak that would follow breaking the code of silence" Bret Christian, Subiaco Post
12/06/02 Fingerprint expert Terry Nesbitt...says he feels vindicated by Tony Lewandowski's admission of fabricated evidence. Mr Nesbitt said he was initially sceptical of the Mickelbergs' case but his views changed when he found three fingeprints on the cheque. "They were all identical - all from the same angle & the same finger," he said.
12/06/02   "Enduring Lovell...One man who copped almost as hard a time from the cops & the West Australian establishment as the Mickelbergs was Avon Lovell...had his phone tapped, received death threats, was briefly jailed & had his book banned by the WA government. Yesterday he was quietly, but happily, celebrating his vindication" D.D McNicoll, The Australian.
11/06/02 "Ex-cop admits framing gold swindle brothers", The Australian Newspaper-Front Page. View Acrobat (PDF) page here.